Best Grow Tent for gardening needs – Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Hydroponics is becoming one of the demanding gardening methods today that allows you to grow a variety of plants indoor as well as outdoor. But, what you don’t know is the fact that there are indoor gardening systems available for this purpose.

The indoor and Outdoor Grow Tents is the convenient growing system that doesn’t take up much space and allow the plant to grow hydroponically.

The market is flooded with a variety of Grow Tents Packages, and this may make you confuse in selecting the Best Grow Tent for your gardening needs. So, to help you in the procedure here is the brief guide on choosing the best Grow Tent Package for your indoor and outdoor gardening needs along with the reviews of some Best Grow Tent models.

Things to Look at The Best Grow Tent Before Purchase

Size of the Grow Tent

Size of the Grow Tent The primary thing that you need to consider is the size of the tents. The type of crop that you want to cultivate helps you to determine the right of the grow tents. If the plant tends to grow longer, then ensure to buy the Best Grow Tent that comes with high height base. Similarly, if the plant doesn’t grow too long, then the size needs to be small with low base height.

The 10×10 Grow Tents Kit is always best for long cultivation, while for small cultivation the best suited grow tents would be 2×2 Grow Tent. But, again, it is completely based on the size of the cultivation that you are intending.

Stability of Equipment

Stability of EquipmentThe equipment that comes with the Grow Tent Outdoor or indoor must be adequately inspected and carefully. This is important for ensuring the productive cultivation of the plants. To supply consistent temperature in the grow tent, it must have functional LED lighting. There is a LED Grow Tent Kit that comes with sufficient light to promote proper cultivation.

Moreover, the Best Grow Tent is the one that comes with proper ventilation feature, which is essential for removing the bad odors from the tent.

Also, check for the purification system of the grow tent and ensure that it ensures pure and fresh air flows in the chamber for optimal growth of the plants.

Installation Site of Tent

Installation Site of TentIt is suggested that you must install the Best Grow Tent in permanent places in your house. The location must have easy access to water and electricity. The site must be protected and secured to prevent theft and destruction by the animals.

Comparison Table of 10 Best Grow Tent


Top 10 Best Grow Tent Reviews

TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized Indoor Grow Tent

1.TopoLite Full RangeTopolite is the multiple sized full range indoor grow tents which is known for its sturdy and durable construction. This grow tent is perfectly suited for the medium and small sized plants and gives them proper space for cultivation.

The grow tents features the 600D lightproof oxford cloth materials outside the tents, and the interior is made out of highly effective 96& diamond Mylar material which enhances the overall reflective effects. Besides, the tent comes with heavy duty exterior zipper which ensures proper safety of the grow tent. It is erected properly on the 16mm white patented metal rods which hold the structure intact.

The grow tents comes with several vents which can easily accommodate the fans and carbon filters. This enables you to grow multiple fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. It has mesh for optimal ventilation, and this ensures fresh air flows inside the tent for proper cultivation. Double stitching is done to ensure protection from the light leaks. The set comes with 2 nylon belts that can be used as filter straps and removable floor trays.


  • Quick tool-free installation with an assembly guide
  • Double stitching for protection against light leakage
  • Floor trays and belts
  • Multiple vents and sturdy construction


  • The size is constricted and hence not good for larger cultivation

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TopoLite Grow Tent Room Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System

2.TopoLite Grow Tent RoomThis is another masterpiece 2”×2” grow tents which is perfectly suited for small cultivation. It is the best choice for all beginner growers that are having restricted spaces in their home garden. Since it is small in size, it can only accommodate 2 medium sized plants and 4 small plants and flowers, and it is considered to be the perfect choice for seedling and can be used as clone tent too.

The interior of the tent is made out of 96% highly reflection diamond Mylar material, while the exterior comprises of heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth material which ensures and this enhances the overall reflective effects.

The tent comes with strong zipper which ensures the safety for the plants you are cultivating.

For assembly of the grow tents, it uses 16mm of strong metal rods, and it has 16mm of plastic connectors which ensure that the tent remains erect and keep the plants safe.

The tent also comprises of 300W LED full spectrum grow light which ensures to supply proper lighting for the cultivation of the crops. It maintains optimal temperature and the vents ensure proper flow of fresh air for ventilation.


  • LED 300W Full Spectrum Design
  • Ideal for beginner growers with limited space
  • 600D lightproof oxford cloth material
  • Sturdy plastic connectors and paint coated metal rods


  • Suitable only for small plants

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TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

3.TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow TentThe TopoGrow indoor grow tent is mainly known for its stable and exceptional construction and design with 600D oxford cloth on the exterior and highly reflective waterproof 96% diamond Mylar material on the interior.

The grow tent comes with exterior heavy-duty zipper, which ensures the safety of the plants inside and promotes easy installation. The grow tents comes with multiple vents that can easily be used for holding the fans and carbon filters aptly.

The grow tent comes with dual stations with three different growing areas, and this allows the growers to manage plants in different stages of growth.

Since it has a durable interior material lining, it enhances the overall reflective effects for better results.

The grow tents comes with rectangular vents that use the high-density screen that protects the flies from entering the tent. It delivers a light spectrum which is very similar to natural sunlight, and it is good for indoor cultivation. But it also gives you the option for using 400W grow lights and other LED grow light panels. The tent itself has built-in fluorescent lights, which is ideal for propagation.


  • Two Tired design
  • CMH 315W Grow light with built-in fluorescent lights
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • T5 Light Propagation


  • The tent has pinhole leaks allowing lights for leaking

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TopoGrow D-Door Indoor Grow Tent

4.TopoGrow D-DoorTopoGrow D-Door is the mini sized indoor Grow Tent that comes with sturdy construction and optimal design. The tent is designed with 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar material which is integrated for enhancing the overall reflective effects.

The tent erects on the metal frame which is designed with 16mm white paint coated metal rods. The exterior of the grow tent comes with 600D lightproof oxford cloth materials and for the safety of the plants, it comprises of heavy duty zippers and dual stitching for extra protection against the light leaks.

The grow tents comes with multiple rectangular vents which has mesh materials, and this ensures proper ventilation and air flow inside the grow tent. The vents also allow installation of the filter output and the fans. Because it comprises of mesh materials, the flies are restricted from entering the tent and harming the growth cycle of the plants.

The sturdy metal rods are beautiful and cleanly assembled using the sturdy frame solid plastic connectors which keep the frame intact holding the tent material in place. The package comes with a quick tool-free installation guide that makes assembly easier and faster.


  • 100% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar material
  • Heavy-duty zippers and dual stitching to prevent light leaks
  • Heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth


  • Suitable only for professional growers and not for beginners

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OPULENT SYSTEMS Hydroponic Mylar Water-Resister Grow Tent

5.OPULENT SYSTEMS HydroponicOpulent Systems grow tents are known for professional craftsmanship, and the premium grade materials which are used for designing the grow tents, and this ensures to deliver best users experience to growers are all types.

The USP of the manufacturer is the metal frame structure which ensures to keep the tent stronger and durable, while the double stitching technology ensures optimal protection against the light leaks.

The grow tents come with easy view window which enables the growers to monitor the growth of the plants on daily basis easily. Moreover, the grow tent comes with heavy duty SBS zippers, which ensure the safety of the plants and also prevents light leakage for optimal growth.

Besides, the grow tent comes with removable floor tray, and this makes easy cleaning of the grow tent by removing the tray gently. It also comes with a water-resistant mylar spill tray which enables you to remove the spills easily.

The grow tents comes with an easy installation guide, and without any tool, you can assemble the tent for proper growing needs. The package comprises of all essential equipment required for growing and cultivating plants.


  • Easy view window design
  • Fast installation manual guide
  • Removable floor tray for cleaning
  • The metal frame structure for durability


  • Not suitable for outdoor cultivation

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VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent

6.VIVOSUN 2-in-1Vivosun is the best grow tent which comes in the multiple sizes, and it is small and short enough to fit in a closet ultimately, but sufficient to accommodate 6 plants at a time. Unlike other grow tent models in the list, the manufacturer offers you with a longer warranty up to 24 months.

The grow tent comes with dark 600D canvas fabric on the exterior, and the interior comprises of 98% reflective Mylar lining, which is known to enhance the output efficiency in the grow tents.

Because it comes with thick canvas fabric, it prevents the lights from escaping, and reflective lining system ensures the light bounces off to walls for optimal plant growth.

The grow tents is designed with heavy duty SBS zipper, which ensures the safety of the plants and prevents light leaks. The package comprises of sturdy support rods that can easily hold the ventilation, fans and light panels. It has durable metal rods that are finished for smooth installation, and it comes with a removable floor tray for spillage. The large view window allows monitoring of the plants during their growth cycles.


  • Durable and great zippers
  • Lightproof design to increase output efficiency
  • Ergonomic build and construction


  • Only for small plants and growth cycles

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GROWNEER Lodge Propagation Tent

7.[Upgraded] GROWNEERGrowneer is the ultimate 2 in 1 lodge propagation tent that delivers the required space perfect for growing, and its 2 tier compartment ensures to deliver good space for propagation, cloning, seedlings, and germination and dwarf plants. The tent is designed to deliver better lighting, and it is due to the compact size of the compartments, and this also helps the plants to grow faster and better.

Now growers can enjoy growing seedlings in the 2-tier compartment and then transfer it to the larger monolayer as they grow taller. The exterior of the grow tents comes with 600D heavy duty canvas material which is tear proof, toxic free and comes with double stitching for ultimate light blocking.

Besides, the interior is designed with 95% reflective light resistant Mylar lining which enhance the efficiency of the tent and boosts the lighting setups.

The grow tent comes with easy view windows which allow the grower to view and monitor the progression of the plant growth. The tent comes with industrial strength zippers which ensure safety and prevents the light leaks. The all steel pole construction ensures the durability of the grow tents.


  • Easy view window with industrial grade zipper
  • Dual cinching duct holes with all steel pole construction
  • Better light delivery for proper growth


  • Suitable only for indoor growers

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GA Grow Tent Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

8.GA Grow TentGA Grow Tent is the best high-density tent which comes with double save all light technology, and it uses the heavy duty 600D oxford cloth materials and lined with the best in class 98% reflective silver colored Pet Mylar material. This delivers great environment for plant growth and saves all light inside the tent. Besides, the grow tents comprises of explosion proof heavy duty zipper, and the double stitching supports it for added protection of the tent from the light leakage.

You don’t have to open the front doors for monitoring of the progression as it comes with easy view windows, and this allows you to view the progress of the plant growth and also the interior.

The GA Grow Tent also features strong metal frame that enables you to assemble the tent without any types of equipment or tools. Industrial grade materials are used for the interior and exterior of the grow tents.

The tent comes with superior grade 600D canvas, which is tear proof, and it is double stitched too for light blacking. The thick material of the tent ensures ultra stability and security of the plant inside it.


  • Easy view windows with easy installation
  • Industrial grade materials are used
  • Double stitched for light leak prevention


  • Lacking in interior fluorescent lighting

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GA Grow Tent Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

9.GA Grow Tent 48x48x80 ReflectiveGA Grow Tent is the best indoor grow tent that comes with durable and sturdy construction designs. The grow tent is designed with the industrial grade high-density 600D oxford cloth in the exterior, which is extra thick to provide an optimal environment for cultivation. The interior is lined with the heavy duty 98% reflective silver coated PET Mylar material, which is good for saving the light inside and prevents light leakage. This creates the best environment for the growth of plants.

The sides of the grow tent come with easy view windows, and it allows easy viewing of the interior and also monitoring of the plants that are growing inside the grow tents.

The package comprises of the metal rods for easy construction and assembly of the grow tent, and you don’t need any accessories for its assembly.

The material that is used for the exterior of the grow tents is heavy duty, and it is tear proof and to ensure perfect lighting condition inside the tent it is double stitched that blocks the light perfectly. The metal poles in the design ensure proper stability, and security of the tent.


  • High-quality materials are used
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Easy view windows for monitoring


  • Not good for some specific type of plants

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Hydro Plus Grow Tent Room Kit

10.Hydro Plus Grow Tent RoomHydro Plus Grow Tent Room Kit comes with stable and durable construction design, and it allows an optimal growth environment for a variety of plants. The exterior of the grow tent is designed with 600D oxford cloth material, and the interior of the tent comprises the 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar which ensures proper light retention without any leakage.

The grow tent also comprises of the exterior heavy-duty zipper that ensures the safety of the tent and also prevents light leaks.

The multiple vent design of the grow tents ensures that you can accommodate the fans as well as the filter and this is good feature for the growth of exotic herbs, fruits and seasonal fruits which are out of season.

The grow tent design promises the growers to deliver the highest quality hydroponics equipment and services after the sale. The metal frame of 16mm ensures proper stability and security of the grow tents, and the sturdy plastic connector makes assembly easier for you. The vents are designed with mesh which ensure proper ventilation and also prevents the files from entering the grow tent.


  • Stable and durable construction
  • Exterior heavy duty zipper design
  • High-quality hydroponics equipment and services at factory price


  • Package lacks in shears

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