Step by Step Guide on How Do You Make a Tent

Step by Step Guide on How Do You Make a TentThe first time campers can always benefit from the tutorials which teach them How Do you Make a Tent from scratch. It requires extensive skills and talent to make a tent in the campsite, and if you are not equipped with the right skills and knowledge, then you may end up ruining your overall camping trip.

Learning how to make a tent can help campers to save their money and at the same time have some fun in making it.

It provides you with shelter during a thunderstorm and extreme weather conditions and even keeps you safe during the night when you are trekking or hiking.

So, for your help and assistance below is the helpful Tent Camping Organization Ideas which would educate you how to make a tent at your campsite with ease.

The Materials Needed for Making a Tent at Campsite!

If you are intending to make a straightforward and multipurpose camping tent, then you will require the following things. You may also check for other Camping Supply Ideas online based on your unique best camping tents needs.

  • Ropes
  • Sticks or posts which have short and long lengths
  • The waterproofing traps or other waterproofing materials

You will find all these materials online easily, or you may get them from hardware stores in your locality. You will find no difficulty in buying these items. There are also easy to assemble camping tents available online that you may prefer buying.

These packages of tent comprise of all accessories and supplies required for making a camping tent.

Procedure Involved in Making a Camping Tent

First Step

  • The very first step and the Camping Tips and Tricks is that you need to layout tarp flat on the ground of the campsite and calculate the overall diameter of the sticks or the metal poles of the tent.
  • Now you are required to make use of a knife or scissors to make holes carefully on each corner of the tent’s tarp. Ensure that holes are made as per the diameter of the sticks or poles as the holes will be used for the poles only. You need to keep the holes a bit smaller than the diameter of the poles so that it can easily hold the poles intact and tightly.
  • After making the holes at the edges of the tarp cut the rope that comes with the tent in four equal pieces. Pass the ropes through the holes that were made at the tarp corners. But don’t tie the ropes upfront as they will be used later to secure the tent.

Step Two

  • The second step is quite laborious as you will be putting the poles in holes and then erects the tent upright. After you have selected the best location for placing the posts, you need to bring the poles and place the larger pole right in the centre of the tent. Ensure to keep the position of the pole exactly at the centre of the tarp
  • Now, after you are sure that the pole is secured, you need to place the tarp over it. You may require making adjustment to ensure that it is the correct position. This is the crucial step and Camping Tips to consider.

Step Three

  • As you are done with placing the tarp over the centre post, you need to move towards the corners of the tarp. Pull the tarp’s corner up and down to adjustment and make it diagonal in shape. But keep it light as pulling it harder my change its position.
  • Now you are required to put a stick through the hole which you may cut earlier and secure it to ground. Use the remaining sticks to secure the remaining three corners of the tarp.
  • Once you are done with the process, the tent needs to look like a pyramid

Step Four

  • This is the final Camping Setup Ideas which you need to consider carefully. You finally need to tie the ropes and secure the tent carefully.
  • You need to move to each corner of the tarp and tie the ropes tightly to the posts or sticks
  • In between, you also need to check if the tent is strong enough or you need to make it tighter for securing the tent. If you think that it could still use some weight on its corners, then bring a rock to hold the tarp down further.

If you have brought two tarps with you, then you can lay down the tarp on the ground to make the tent floor. This is one of the best Camping Bed Ideas which you can apply while making a tent for your next camping trip.

You may use spikes or rocks to secure this camping floor with a tarp and having tarp at the surface of the tent is always good as it keeps the stuff the clean and makes it a good seat for you to sit comfortably.

These are the steps which you are required to follow in order to make your camping tent with ease. You can start campfire at night or make use of Campsite Lighting Ideas to lit the tent at night.

You are not required to bring a lot of equipments and tools for setting the camping tent at your campsite.

In fact, you simply need a good quality tarp and the role as you can find the sticks or posts at the campsite itself or in the surroundings.


Now you are already aware of how to make a tent at the campsite with this guide hopefully. This guide helps you to learn how to make a camping tent from scratch. You may even use posts or trees as poles for the tent and make use of the online Camping Ideas to learn more about setting camping tents with ease.

There are many readymade camping tents which you can make use of for your next camping tour. Check online for First Time Camping Tips to get an idea which pre-made camping tent is best for your unique camping needs.

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