The Best Clever Fun Camping Ideas for all Campers

The Best Clever Fun Camping Ideas for all Campers

Camping with friends and family is the classic activity enjoyed throughout the summer months of the year. It gives the campers with ample opportunities to spend quality time with their family and friends and indulges themselves in the outdoor fun activities.

But, you might be aware as a camper that for a successful camping trip, careful planning and resources are required and this greatly depends on the number of people in the group and the location you have selected for camping.

There are many Cool Camping Ideas which can make your camping trip less stressful, comfortable and fun-filled. And the best part is that these Fun Camping Ideas require no fancy equipments and gears and hence the cost can be kept to the minimal.

Taco in the Bag

Taco in the BagBeing a camper, you need to ensure that you always carry easy to cook foods in your backpacks. Even simple foods would taste exceptional when you enjoy them in some great outdoor settings.

The tacos in a bag are an excellent way to keep things simple without getting bored. Both adults, as well as kids, enjoy eating tacos.

There are different ways to prepare tacos, and you can check online for some great Outdoor Camping Ideas and learn about the foods which are fun-filled and easy to carry to any campsite.


LanternIn order to keep the camping site well lit, you need to have the best camping lanterns. You may check for the best Camping Tents Lighting Ideas online to grab the best lighting option for your tent camping.

There are in fact a variety of options available that you may use to lit up the campsite at night. But if your camping budget is not allowing you to invest in the lighting option for a camping site, then there is a fun way to lit up the campsite.

You can make use of a softer, more diffused light source by using the headlamp along with the gallon of water.

You need to strap the light around the gallon of water, ensuring that the light is pointing towards the water. This will greatly lit the campsite brighter, eliminating the need of carrying a lantern in your backpack for a campsite.

Campfire Cones

Another Cheap Camping Ideas that worth using during your next camping trip is campfire cones. You must not forget to add a dessert into your menu of a camping trip.

The easiest and friendly camping dessert that you may carry along with you in your next camping trip is the campfire cones.

To prepare it you simply need to fill the waffle cone with the favourite combo of sweet treats and fruits and then wrap the waffle into a foil. After wrapping it with a foil, you are required to place the foil into the coals of the campfire for about 10-12 minutes. To make it more delicious and tasty, you may even add chocolate chips and sliced bananas with mini marshmallows on it.

Try it to make your camping memorable with this piece of unique and fun-filled desserts.

Solar Lights

It is an undeniable fact that you or anyone in the group may have an urge for urination during the night time and for such situations, you would require a reliable lighting option for camping. Even if you think that where you are going is familiar to you and you can easily trip over things in the dark, it is important to have a reliable source of light which is easy to carry.

It is not the Clever Camping Ideas indeed to go out in the dark without any light.

For such a situation, the easy way to brighten up your path is by using outdoor solar lights.

You need to keep the light, neat the tie-downs and stakes on the tent. Since they are the solar lights, it will automatically charge itself in daylight and give off light when it is dark at night.

This helps you to brighten the path to avoid the midnight mishaps.

Scavenger Hunt

For most of the camping torus, people usually plan for bike rides and hiking during the daytime, but this won’t last forever, and for every camping, tour camper looks for some great options and Best Camping Ideas.

So, what you can do to keep the campers and kids in the group entertained and busy with nature is by organizing the themed scavenger hunt.

To keep the kids motivated ensure to add small prizes and treat the winner who finds the object in the hunt. You can check online to find some scavenger hunt card and print them to be used during the event.

Mini Survival Kit

When planning for a camping trip, the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the first-aid kit or the emergency kit. But most of the campers usually keep such kit in their car or campsite. But the emergency kit is only useful when it is within your backpack which you carry along with you and can be used during an emergency. So, one of the important Camping Tips is to create your own mini survival kit and keep it with you throughout the camping trip.

But ensure to keep the kit as smaller as possible so that you can carry it in pocket or backpack with ease.

You need to include all essential things into the survival kit like the band-aids, ibuprofen, whistle, compass, flint and steel. You can check online for the full list of items that you need to include in your survival kit in a fun-filled way.

Battle Bug Bites

Mosquitoes are the unfortunate realities that you deal in your camping trip. So, your DIY Camping Ideas must include some of the mosquito’s repellent ideas too. For prevention of mosquitoes bite, you must create paracord bracelets infusing the mosquito-repelling citronella essential oil.

This bracelet would play a dual role as it can also be used during any emergencies.

So, these were some of the great Camping Tips and Ideas which you may keep in mind while planning for your next camping tour.

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